I speak because I can.
Chanelle. Seventeen. UK. Kent. i have no time for people who think they are better than everyone else and look down on others. I'm an open minded person and it takes a lot to phase me. I hate stereotypes and will never understand why people put themselves and others in a box, no one is the same. I don't like the term 'gay or straight' we fall for each others personalities, gender shouldn't come in to it. The government are all corrupt greedy bastards there for i have no interest in politics. People get too angry and should chill out more and learn to appreciate the small things in life as they are the most important. i'm easily pleased, i'm not materialistic and i hate the concept of money. music, photography and Brighton are my three favorite things. 'I like to keep the arrangement of this blog simple, including the theme otherwise it distracts you from the posts' follow and you'll get to know me better. drop any questions in my ask box 'love&peace'
NYE was sickkkkkk
  1. NYE was sickkkkkk

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